Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a letter

Dear Sweet Baby Lily,

We need to have a chat. 

Yes, you are my last baby.  I still don't like saying that.  I'll probably be 50 saying that.  But I digress...  I appreciate that you want me to cherish each moment and enjoy your babyness as long as possible.

But this no-walking thing has gotten a bit out of control.  You are nearing 16 and a half months.  You are weighing in at 23lbs, which they tell me is average, but it's getting a bit heavy. 

The thing is, in a part of your mind, you think you can walk.  You want to get down and play and interact in settings that crawling isn't possible or a good choice.  In fact, I've let you crawl around on the sidewalk, which you always want to do, and it ends in sores on your knees and feet.  Not good.

I truly think you'd be much happier if you decided to walk.  I realize you are making strides.  You are starting to stand independantly, and you are so proud of yourself.  But you don't even like to walk assisted unless both of your hands are being held.  And you don't even think about taking a step when standing on your own.

Summer is coming my dear.  We will be doing lots of fun activities.  Which will be much more enjoyable for me, and you, if you decide to walk.

I've now taken you to two doctor's appointments where they expected you to be walking.  Let's not make it a third, alright?

So thanks for staying my baby for as long as possible, but even when you are walking I will still hold and cuddle you as much as you want.  You'll always be my baby.  Just a walking one.

Your loving Mama
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