Monday, July 5, 2010

when all else fails+an interesting math equation

One of my blogging philosophies is this:
When all else fails, share photos.
Does it hold up? Are you distracted by these photos enough to not mention the infrequency of my posting? I definitely blog in clusters these days. And I'm clearly not in one right now. There are blogs writing themselves in my head and a few titles saved in my drafts to remind me. But they will have to wait on summer, and life I guess.
We're having lots of fun and doing all sorts of "summery" things. Like being buried in the sand by our cousin. Miss Rose is actually standing up under the sand. She's also wearing an old pair of my sunglasses.

Lily is getting so grown up, sometimes. The other morning she sat on the couch, drank her sippy and ate dry cereal out of a bowl for about 30 minutes. Miss Rose was sitting there too, but she got up when I took this photo I guess. It was so heartwarming to see my three girls enjoying the slow morning together.

Lily is still not walking, which is really becoming a pain in the back.
I know it may sound facetious, but it really isn't.
Can I share the rundown? It may sound like I'm complaining. And I kind of am. Although I still wouldn't change it for the world.
Here is what my back has been through.

9 months of pregnancy with Gracie
13 carrying Gracie outside the womb
2 months of carrying Gracie on my hip, while Lily began gestating in my womb (Gracie walked at 15 months)
7 more months of pregnancy with Lily
17 months and counting of Lily on my hip

And of course, even while pregnant with Lily and beyond, I've still carried Gracie plenty.

48 months friends. Of pregnancy or carrying a non-walking baby. 4 years worth.

Man, Mom's really rock!!

This is also why mother's bodies begin to break down.

And finally tonight, some patriotism.  I love dressing in patriotic colors on the 4th of July.  I picked out clothes for the little girls, and then Miss Rose wanted to follow suit and chose her own clothes.  This is pretty typical.  Miss Rose is not a huge fan of dressing up and we have enough battles right now, making her dress up for church just isn't one to fight.  Lovely wallpaper and hanging picture in our church office, huh?
I even had different clothes for me and the little girls (still patriotic of course) for later in the late.  I'll share those later.

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For some reason, today was a really rough day.  For every reason, and no reason at all.  You know?  They happen to all of us.

Sometimes, I feel guilty when I'm in a bad mood and am mad at the day.  I know many have it rougher than we do.  But even when life is good, even when you are blessed, you can still have a horrendous day.  It's one ONE day though.  And tomorrow is a new one.  And Jesus is on the throne no matter what.

So I'm going to take my crabby self to bed.  Because sleep and the mercies of the Lord, which are new every morning, are the only cure.  I am praying I also have mercy for myself in the morning too.

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